preserved flower

Preserved flowers are a fantastic way to add beauty to your home. They are safe to use, easy to care for, and have a longer shelf life than regular flowers 保鮮花訂購. They are also more economical.

Preserved flowers are available in many different varieties. You can buy them in flower boxes, vases, or bouquets. If you want to preserve a flower yourself, you will need some supplies. You will need silica gel, paper, and some hooks and rubber bands.

DIY Projects Using Preserved Flowers

To start preserving your flowers, cut the stem about halfway. Then soak the flowers in glycerin. This replaces the water in the flowers and helps to retain their original color and brightness. The process can take several weeks.

Once you’ve soaked your flowers, place them on parchment paper. You’ll need to be careful not to squash or bend them. If you’d like to remove some of the moisture, you can brush them with sand.

You can then cover the top with absorbent paper, such as a watercolor sheet. You’ll then need to find a good home for your flowers. If you live in a cold climate, keep the flowers away from large glass windows. If you have a sunny location, you can leave them outdoors.

When the flowers have dried, you can spray them with hairspray to prevent them from crumbling. You can also use epoxy resin to preserve them as a decoration. You can even create a paperweight out of them.

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